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Enterprise Edition

Extreme performance at massive scale but with lower cost to help you achieve your business goals.

Unprecedented Performance for Your Data Pipelines

Achieve high speed and scalability even with 10,000+ cores and PBs of data that seemed impossible before Bodo’s next-generation compute engine technology.

Saas platform screenshot

Save Over 90% of Your Infrastructure Cost

Bodo’s performance comes from extreme compute efficiency which translates directly to cost savings. Imagine the savings on your infrastructure costs by running your workloads 20x faster.

Saas platform screenshot
Saas platform screenshot

Software Failures Belong in the Past

Bodo engine is architecturally more reliable than other solutions, so you don’t have to constantly worry about data pipeline failures.

Adaptive Solution Without Vendor Lock-In

Bodo’s high-performance connectors support a multitude of data sources and formats and don’t lock you into a specific storage solution. Bodo also supports standard open source APIs so you don’t have to use any new vendor-specific API layers.

Saas platform screenshot
Saas platform screenshot

Ultimate Deployment Flexibility for Your IT and DevOps Teams

Bodo Engine’s portable design allows you to run your data pipelines on the cloud of your choice with our managed platform. You can also choose to embed Bodo in your custom cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

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